“Juggling the Fediverse”

FediVariety is a mix of “Fediverse” and “Variety”. Fediverse refers to a network of interconnected social media platforms, based on open source software, and that allow for decentralized communication. It is federated like many structures are (governments, networks, etc). Not entertaining at all. Yet. The addition of “variety” emphasizes both the diverse range of services and tools the Fediverse offers, and is a wordplay on variety as a form of entertainment, performances, shows. Because social media is a circus!

What do we want?

Our aim is to make ourselves obsolete! In short, we like to help others escape from Big Tech. In particular, public administrations and services should not spend tax money on platforms that are locked-in (you need an account to see posts), use exploitative algorithms to gain revenues and spread misinformation. We do not want to take part of this (shit) show. But to do this, we need to push for open source alternatives to make official communication and information accessible and free to everyone.

How do we get there?

Another circus is coming to town! EU election will be happening in June 2024. We are currently starting to campaign for integrating, adopting and supporting the running of Fediverse instances longer term. Pilot projects like EU Voice and EU Video are a good start! Stay updated @FediVariety@mastodon.social

Who are we?

We are a diverse team consisting of digital (h)activists, researchers, designers, and otherwise interested humans, mainly based in Europe. Maybe there are some clowns amongst us. We really would like to dedicate their time on other things. Like practicing juggling.

Our initial group met at the self-organized conference Freedom not Fear in September 2023, and we’re been trying to run this show ever since. More about the people in the backstage!

Mail: FediVariety@proton.me
And please find us at #37c3 congress !